Take Advantage of Your Auto Insurance Benefits

Taking advantage of your auto insurance benefits sounds scary. Why? The average Joe is afraid that if he even sneezes in the direction of his car policy, the premium will go up. Not true! In order to keep and gain new customers, many insurers offer perks - services or discounts that making doing business with them advantageous. So, be smart. Get a return on all of those dollars spent to cover your vehicle in the event of a loss if you ask an car insurance professional.

Fix your windshield for free.
Most insurance companies pay for windshield chip repairs without applying a deductible. It's a freebie that reduces their risk of replacing this item if the chip spreads and cracks the entire pane. Your job: contact them as soon as possible for details on repair shops.

Report all car safety features.
Day running lights, high tech alarm systems and anti-lock brakes earn you a discount in premium. However, you won't get them automatically without notifying your insurer that they exist. Also, don't forget to tell them when little Johnny finally gets his grades up and is eligible for a Good Student Discount on the car he drives.

Ask for accident forgiveness.
If you're driving record and claims history or clear, some insurers will 'forgive' your first at-fault accident. As a consequence, your premium doesn't go up. So, put in a request to your agent and claims adjuster after a car mishap to see if this option is available for you.

Visit their website for info.
Besides allowing Internet surfers to get free auto insurance quotes, websites created by insurers provide other valuable information such as defensive driving tips, coverage explanations and gas prices. In addition, you can pay bills and file claims. Save time and money by utilizing these services.

Make a comprehensive claim.
Comprehensive claims are non-collision losses that involve fire, theft, animal damage and vandalism. In general, they are considered to be no-fault. For this reason, they rarely impact a driver's premium adversely. Premiums stay the same regardless of pay out. Another bonus is that comprehensive deductibles tend to be low, amounts consumers can comfortably fit into their budgets.

In conclusion, taking advantage of your auto insurance benefits shouldn't make you uneasy. Get the most out of this commodity. Make your hard earned money work for you and not against you.