Selecting a Right Disability Laywer

One of the most emotionally challenging and legally complex matters a person can face during the course of a lifetime is a claim for disability. Indeed, saying that a person has a great deal at stake when pursuing a disability claim truly is a proverbial understatement. To make things easier, it is best to speak to a disability lawyer at

Time is of the Essence
One of the most common mistakes a person confronting a disability claim makes is holding off on hiring a lawyer. There is a natural tendency for a person in such a situation to think that he or she can handle the claim his or her self. The underlying theory is that a person can save money by taking this course -- at least at the outset.

In fact, one of the key elements to successfully navigating a disability claim is meeting deadlines associated with the law (and any applicable policies of insurance). Missing a deadline can preclude a person from actually obtaining vital compensation for a disability. As a result, the need to retain counsel quickly is crucial.

Experience is Fundamental
Not every attorney understands the ins and outs of Canadian disability law. For this reason, a person in need of representation in regard to a disability claim cannot simply engage any attorney. Even if a person has a pre-existing relationship with a talented lawyer, if that attorney lacks experience in the disability law arena, the disabled party must go somewhere else.

Initial Consultation
As part of the process of seeking representation from a Toronto disability lawyer, a person should schedule what is known in the legal profession as an initial consultation. An initial consultation provides an attorney an opportunity to evaluate a particular case -- as well as an opportunity for a person with a claim to evaluate a lawyer.

Keep in mind that the typical Toronto disability lawyer does not charge a fee for an initial consultation. In addition, a initial consultation does not obligate a person with this type of claim to retain the lawyer.

Lawyer Fees
When it comes to a disability claim case, the standard practice among Toronto lawyer is for the use of what is known as a contingency fee. A contingency fee agreement essentially means that a person with a disability claim does not pay any money to a lawyer unless and until compensation is obtained. The fee paid to an attorney is a percentage of the compensation obtained via a successful disability claim.